Is co-founder of Spring Lawyers. After he finished his study of law he worked several years as a company lawyer for an employers organization.


Since his confirmation on oath as a lawyer he worked for an Lawyers office in Amsterdam specialized in corporate law (Dolk-Verburg-Diamand). In 2007 he continued his work as an Lawyer for Spring lawyers. He is a keen analyst with persuasiveness. He provides a broad knowledge of corporate laws, including real etsate law, rent law, joint ventures and take-overs.


He is a member of several associations under which the association of competition law, commercial law, labour law, the Dutch associations of tender law and European law.

Specialistic education

Grotius Academie: Dutch and European Competition law
Grotius Academie: Trading partnerships and Commercial law
Grotius Academie: Tender law


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M +31 6 53125140