Spring lawyers is active within the wide area of business law. Spring’s lawyers are in particular specialists, or have extensive experience with, employment law (including major reorganisations), commercial law, business structures (company law and partnerships), mergers and takeovers, competition law, tendering, tenancy law and real estate. In addition our lawyers have extensive litigation experience. Spring’s clients are mostly businesses, branch organisations and foundations. From large to small. Clients look for an lawyer who is a good match. An lawyer who can deal with time pressure, communicates well and clearly, and is reliable. The lawyers from Spring can live up to these requirements.



For this reason Spring lawyers have been able to represent the interests of: Blokker – Intertoys – Bart Smit – Xenos – Leen Bakker – Technische Unie – Van de Raa Slagerijen – Raad Nederlandse Detailhandel – Koninklijke Beroepsorganisatie van Gerechtsdeurwaarders – Vereniging Drankenhandel Nederland – Amsterdam Museum – Repro Nederland – FIFPro – Ondernemingsorganisatie Schoonmaak- en Bedrijfsdiensten (OSB) – Koninklijke Horeca Nederland. But we are certainly not only there for the “great” and the “famous”. On the contrary; SME businesses and a range of branch organisations form an important basis of the Spring practice.


The lawyers of Spring Advocaten are registered in the Netherlands Bar’s register of legal areas (see this file). Based on this registration, the lawyer is required to obtain ten training credits per calendar year in each registered principal legal practice area in accordance with the standard set by the Netherlands Bar.