Spring Lawyers


Practising in a contemporary manner. Client-focused, informal, effective, purposeful and results-minded. Delivering top-quality services calls for the right mind-set. A Spring Lawyer serves the interests of the client with heart and soul. Always, everywhere. Lawyers with a passion.

Strong in advocacy


Spring possesses expertise in all areas of the law that are relevant for businesses. Among others, business law, commercial law, employment law and property law. High-grade legal knowledge and laywers who have earned their spurs in the court room.

Lawyers for the entrepreneur


Spring is an independent, no-nonsense and “we-do-what-we-say-we-do” firm of lawyers. Spring was founded in 2007 by Bob Eschweiler and Ralph Dessaur and focuses in particular on business law in the widest sense of the word. Thanks to an effective network of lawyers, fiscal advisers, accountants, notaries, estate agents and other advisers, Spring is in a position to offer wide-ranging support to its clients.

Spring lawyers

mr. B.O. Eschweiler

mr. R.M. Dessaur

mr. P.A.H. Tjong-A-Hung